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Optimise Your Talent Through The Predictive Index

Lead your Teams with Confidence

Watch Your Workplace Change

Think of us as your talent optimisation partner. It’s a fancy way of saying we’ll help your people be better so you can do better.

But don’t expect one size fits all. With bespoke programs, we offer custom solutions with your strategic business outcomes in mind, designed to get results.

So, let us help you leverage science, education, and powerful tools to hire the right people, inspire them to be their best, design a high-performing workplace and diagnose areas that need improvement.

And watch your workplace change.

Why you’re talking to us:
  • You want to train and educate your managers so they are equipped with the skills to be a modern leader for their teams
  • Enhance your recruitment process to increase your odds of hiring people who are a great fit for their roles, team and culture.
  • Create a more self-aware culture so that people have more accountability and ownership over their behaviours and development
  • Increase employee engagement as you know it will give you greater retention
  • Create a culture built on a solid foundation of understanding each other’s work styles, communication styles and preferences when working together, thus building trust and high levels of collaboration
  • Strengthen relations and effectiveness across your senior leaders by understanding each other’s working styles and leveraging their strengths.
You are:
  • A company with 10-50 employees in size
  • A leadership team who are keen to learn more about their own team and want to take ownership to lead by example.
  • Focussed on evolving your business in the next 12-24 months and are likely to recruit 3+ people in that time.

Predictive Index

The data and science to drive the insights

Training & Workshop

Knowledge transferred from our team to yours so you can apply it in your business

Embed into your business

We support you in applying PI practically back into your business

Results are Around the Corner

Harness the Power of The Predictive Index

The Predictive Index® (PI) is a highly powerful psychometrics tool that provides insights, analytics and information about human behaviour.

Applicable at every stage of the workplace lifecycle, it’s highly effective when hiring staff, inspiring leaders, creating high performing teams, aligning teams against the vision and strategy, and measuring employee engagement and subsequently creating engagement action plans.

Available assessments include a

  • Behavioural Assessment
  • Cognitive Assessment
  • Job Assessment
  • Team Discovery
  • Strategy Alignment
  • Engagement Survey (optional extra)
  • as well as many coaching guides, management guides, interview guides and more.

See Inside the Platform

(DIAGNOSE is an optional extra)

Keen to know more about the science of PI?

training & knowledge to empower your team

Our focus is on how we equip you with all the skills and knowledge to build your confidence in leading your teams. It’s time to drop a line.
You’ll see all our programs are embedded with workshops, training and learning outcomes.
We want to enable you and your managers to drive this forward into your business, now and into the future.

Drive Results with Talent

2-Day Predictive Index Course
Focus at your senior leadership team who want to optimise the talent within the organisation. Watch it here.


Half-day Course
Focus at your line managers and team leaders who want to hire and inspire their teams with more confidence.

All-Team PI Workshop

90-Minute Course
We make sure everyone in your company is equipped with more information about how they like to work.

Team Building Workshop

Our team works with one of your teams to unlock the potential within and remove roadblocks in ways of working.

Which one is Right for You?

Bronze tier

You have a Strategic People & Culture Manager to drive and take lead on the whole program. You are not as focused on training your managers in PI, but want to focus on one or two priorities which the HR manager is going to drive.

Silver tier

You want to equip all your managers to be better at hiring and inspiring their teams. You want to empower people at all levels of your business to understand themselves and each other better.

Gold tier

Your people strategy is critical to the success of your business. You know that you need to invest in your managers to get the greatest return. This level is for companies wanted to become a great place to work and accelerate their managers growth.

View Pricing Details


$15,850 + GST
Silver (Most Popular)
$29,960 + GST
$39,620 + GST
Predictive Index Subscription
(Hire + Inspire for up to 50 employees, plus 3 teams)
annual subscription cost
annual subscription cost
annual subscription cost
2 Day Drive Results with Talent PI Workshop
Executive Team to attend
*RRP $2950 pp
2 attendees 5 attendees 5 attendees
Elevate Workshop
All Line Managers or supervisors to attend
*RRP $1750 pp
2 attendees Private workshop for up to 12 attendees
Alternatively send individual managers to our public program
Private workshop for up to 15 attendees plus any new manager who join in the year
90-Minute All Team PI Workshop
Develop self-awareness at all levels
Virtual Virtual or In-Person In-Person
Job Profiles created and support on candidates alignment to the position. Tailoring of interview questions. 1 Job 5 Jobs 10 Jobs
Talent Advisory coaching sessions with Senior Leaders to support with questions around management strategies or recruitment challenges (PI focused) 2 x 30-minute sessions 8 x 30-minute sessions 15 x 30-minute sessions
Team Workshop Not Included 1 x 4-hour Team Workshop 3 x Team Workshops
All Managers who attend training above get access to our SUMMIT program (additional manager program)
*RRP $950 pp
Not Included Not Included Up to 10 seats
PI Champion coaching & check-in session with Account Manager Bi-Annually (2x/year) Quarterly Check-ins Quarterly Check-ins
Plus fortnightly calls in first 90 days
Annual Talent Strategy Session with Alicia Lykos Not Included 90-minute Zoom session with the CEO In-person 2-hour session with the CEO & executive team

Your client journey would be

Additional Offerings:

  • Engagement Survey & Workshops
  • CORE Program (Purpose, Values & EVP)
  • Red Wolf Academy

    Additional Resources:

    • RWG Digest
    • Basecamp Series
    • Ruby (LMS Tool)