Surviving an Economic Downturn

The COVID-19 Response from Red Wolf Group

A word from Alicia Lykos

To my fellow leaders,

During these turbulent times, it’s normal to find ourselves making decisions on a daily basis in order to survive this economic downturn.

Needless to say, while your most valueable resource are your people, they also naturally happen to be the most expensive.

By now, you are probably at the point of, if not past, considering which roles to keep and what jobs to let go–neither decision is easier than the other as it places a strain and unique set of challenges on management.

However, in our effort to help sustain our community and with the help of The Predictive Index, we have designed this series to demonstrate how you how can leverage your talent strategy, adapt in a changing environment, and maintain momentum during this crisis.

Let us be the first to say that these tasks are not easy. Many of you will be making tough decisions and will be having conversations that require immense amounts of courage; all whilst facing the extraordinary challenge of inspiring a workforce that seems so distant and isolated.

Allow me to journey with you as I help to provide clarity through free consultations, help you rebuild a new strategy, and give a guided methodology on how to optimise your talent in this crisis.


Alicia Lykos

Before you jump in! Know our 3-step Process

To give you confidence in our methodology, we use a consistent framework which includes 1. Measuring the data, 2. Analysing the information, and 3. Prescribing improvement measures with a strong focus on taking actions.

Our unique approach is all about enabling leaders at all levels to have confidence in the human component of their business.


Have you had to refocus or change your business strategy through this crisis? In this session, we help show you how to reassess your business strategy using our Strategy Assessment and how to have confidence in your Senior Executive team to deliver on components of that strategy plan.


How can you inspire and motivate a remote and disrupted workforce? In this session, you find out how to understand what drives and motivates your employees and how to tap into those insights to predict how they need to be managed during this time.


Running an Employee Engagement survey is probably not on your priority list right now? We share with you the importance of understanding the pulse of your business and take focused and surgical actions during this time.


Are you in a total hiring freeze? Perhaps you still have that one critical role you need to continue recruiting for. Now is the time to take a highly analytical approach and ensure precision when hiring. You can’t afford to get it wrong.


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