The Predictive Index

Make data-driven people decisions through human analytics

A survey of 500+ executives found:


  • The average CEO spends 61% of their time solving people-related issues
  • Around 72% of company value is directly attributed to its employees
  • Companies report 47% of whom they consider their best employees leave every year

The truth is the majority of business issues can almost always be traced back to people problems and a lack of a good solution.


Enter The Predictive Index®. A powerful framework and end-to-end platform with tools specifically made to help you hire the right people and ensure they thrive in their roles, while giving you access to measurable data.

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The Predictive Index®

The most Powerful Psychometric Assessment tool for Predicting Workplace Behaviours

  • Established in 1955
  • Available in 70 different languages
  • 500 global validity studies completed
  • Over 25 million assessments conducted worldwide
  • Align your executive team to your business strategy
  • Design an approach that enables people to execute strategic goals
  • Create behavioural and cognitive job targets for open roles
  • Understand a candidate’s behavioural tendencies and cognitive ability
  • Help managers understand what drives their direct reports
  • Diagnose employee experiences and plan for improvements

PI® Behavioural Assessment™

The PI Behavioral Assessment is an untimed, free-choice, stimulus- response tool that measures a person’s motivating drives and needs. For more than 60 years, thousands of businesses around the globe have used our EFPA-certified behavioral assessment to understand what makes their employees and candidates tick.

Use the PI Behavioral Assessment to hire candidates who are hardwired to be a great fit, to design teams that perform like magic, and to manage employees in a way that pushes them to perform at the top of their game.

PI® Cognitive Assessment™

Did you know that cognitive ability is the number one predictor of on-the-job success? The timed PI Cognitive Assessment measures a person’s general cognitive ability. In just 12 minutes you’ll have more information about someone’s likelihood of success than you would after a one-hour interview.

Assessment takers get 50 problems to solve—and they’re tasked with completing as many as they can in 12 minutes. The resulting score indicates their ability to process complex information and their capacity to deal with the cognitive demands of a given position. With the PI Cognitive Assessment you’ll always know if a candidate has the capacity for the job.

PI® Job Assessment™

Whether you’re hiring now or mapping out future roles, it’s important to determine—in advance—what behaviors and cognitive ability a person would need to succeed. The PI Job Assessment allows you to pinpoint those desired traits so you can evaluate candidates against that target.

PI® Strategy Assessment™

Nothing’s more important than getting your senior leadership team totally aligned on your business strategy. But all too often, executives nod their heads yes while thinking no. The PI Strategy Assessment helps you arrive at an agreed-upon business strategy that’s expressed in people terms—so you can build a talent strategy to match.


PI® Employee Experience Survey™

Uncover insights about what’s driving engagement and disengagement across your company—and on teams. The 50-question PI Employee Experience Survey measures employee engagement data across four categories: job fit, manager fit, team fit, and culture fit. These are the four key factors that determine employee engagement levels.


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