Drive High-Performing Teams

1-day workshop

Take your Organisation to new Heights

In this highly interactive and engaging workshop, all team members get a chance to learn more about themselves, each other, and how to play to their strengths.

During this time, teams will work collectively to build their own “high-performing team” roadmap and brainstorm a praparation for what they envision to be their best year yet.

Our model leverages data, science, and a unique framework for driving the highest level of team performance.


Develop self-awareness into their own workplace behaviours


Identify how to improve relationships and reduce conflict


Uncover the science behind team dynamics and where individual strength lies


Develop tangible action plans for operating in the coming year


topics covered


hours of interactive discussion


minute online behavioural assessment


maximum participants

Who is this for?

This workshop is open and recommended to all employees and managers who are interested in driving high performance in their teams or across their organisations.

What will be learned?

A diverse set of learning and development activities including an on-their-feet group activity, personal reflection exercises, group discussion, analysis of teams profiles and creation of detailed action plans.

How will this impact us?

This workshop focuses on getting your team aligned and playing to their strengths, while agreeing on a set of rules of engagement.

Let's talk about your business

Let's talk about your business