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Master the field of
Talent Optimisation

A company’s talent is arguably its most significant competitive advantage; hiring the right people and maximizing employee productivity is critical for success.

Participants of this training course will learn how to apply Predictive Index® solutions to develop and execute a successful talent optimisation strategy.



Leverage people data to purposefully and strategically design your organisation, leadership, culture and teams



Uncover the root of your business problems by measuring and analysing your data in an individual, team, and company level



Build a workforce of top performers and create high-performing teams who are aligned with their jobs to produce the best work possible



Empower your employees with the the insights they need to manage themselves and their workplace relationships


Comprehensive Modules


hours of interactive discussion


minute online prework module


maximum participants

Who is this for?

This course is suitable for:


  • Senior Executives
  • CEOs
  • Business owners
  • Strategic HR professionals

What will be learned?

Throughout the course, you will learn to:


  • Identify how you can utilize talent data insights to understand what drives your employees
  • Understand the four forces that affect employee disengagement and take preventive measures to protect yourself against them
  • Apply PI’s data-driven hiring approach to build high-performing teams and a positive company culture
  • Use tools and insights to maximize the productivity of employees, managers, and teams

How will this impact us?

By the end of this course, you will be able to:


  • Build a core group of experts within your organization to apply the talent optimization discipline across the whole organisation
  • Improve recruitment and development of high-potential talent who are fully aligned with company values, goals, and culture
  • Increase productivity through improved interpersonal relationships and positive team dynamics

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Customer Stories

Shane Baker


Jo O’Connor

Managing Director, Potentiate

Yeliz Fattouh

Principal, Rissalah College

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Let's talk about your business