Inspiring People to Perform

1-day training course

Inspiration is Individual

This 1-day intensive program uses both tools and expert advice to equip managers with the right perspective.

During this time, we will focus on developing an increased sense of self-awareness, improving recruitment skills to find the perfect “fit” for their team, and teach them how to adapt their management style to each individual to drive higher performance and engagement.


Develop a keen sense of self-awareness in your own workplace behaviour and management style


Learn how to interpret the different ways your people communicate, delegate, respond, make decisions, take risks, and so on


Identify what drives and motivates workplace behaviours and learn how to manage relationships across the organisation


Uncover the science behind finding the perfect fit for the job




hours of interactive discussion


hour of prework/preparation


maximum participants

Who is this for?

Line managers, team leaders, and project managers that are responsible for maximizing the business performance of their teams.

Additionally, anyone who is directly responsible for directing employee efforts, or advising others who do, can greatly benefit from this training course.

What will be learned?

A diverse set of learning and development activities including a deep dive into case studies, real-life scenarios, personal psychological exercises, group discussion, creation of detailed action plans, and even building familiarity and confidence in using the PI software.

How will this impact us?

By allowing managers or yourself to attend this training course, everyone can walk out the room with confidence and a better sense of understanding of their team’s strengths to tailor their management style to drive high performance.

Customer Stories

Rob Broadbridge

Operations Manager, Paramount Safety Australia

Lee Jones

Training Officer, GLOBUS

Grant Osfield

Project Manager

Let's talk about your business

Let's talk about your business