Isolate the main cause of disengagement

Are your employees checked out? We’ll help you isolate the cause of low engagement so you can take action to resolve it.

Through the Predictive Index Employee Experience Survey, you can utilize its framework for collecting insights about what is truly driving engagement–where it is strong, where it suffers, and ultimately, what causes employees to disengage.

Just like having an address to go to in a new city but having no map to use for direction, the average employee engagement survey measurements fall short by providing employee data with out any further action steps to take.

At Red Wolf Group, not only do we give you a full suite of our services, but we’ll guide you at every stage so you never have to feel lost again.

Our 3-Step Engagement Analysis

Data-driven analysis to improve engagement

step 1


Set your sights

Based on the 4 Areas of Engagement (Job, Manager, Team, Organisation), we are able to provide deep insights into these important factors. With our Employee Experience Impact Algorithm, we can help you identify blind spots and strengths which may not always stand out.


step 2


Analyzing the evidence

Through macro and micro (company-wide and team-level, respectively) reporting, you have access to the data at every level with every manager with five or more employees getting their own team report. Thus, isolating problems that aren’t widespread but need correcting, nonetheless.

In addition, team-level reporting also isolates high-performing teams. Because when leaders can identify what works well, then it can be used as a blueprint to be replicated in developing others.


step 3


Prescribing improvement actions

What good are engagement scores if you don’t know how to act on them? With our help, we can assist conducting of The PI Employee Experience Survey to deliver personalized action plans for your organisation.

engagement survey criteria

4 Areas of Employee Engagement

We take a deep dive into the main areas that affect engagement

The Job

Employees needs to have job satisfaction, alignment and clarity to do their day to day roles. Identify how your employees feel about leveraging their own capabilities in their roles plus more.

The Manager

People leave managers not jobs. This is often the leading factor to why an employee leaves. Find out how your employees perceive their direct managers skills, leadership, communication ability and values.

The Team

Team dynamic is critical to an employees engagement. Get insights into each teams’ decision making, ethics, role clarity, conflict skills and so much more.

The Organisation

Employees need to believe in the mission, vision and values of the organisation and feel a connection to the purpose. The cultural values need to be clearly communicated, lived and breathed by everyone at all levels.

workshops & training offered

Execute Strategy with Confidence

An exclusive and private workshop focused on navigating changes and dealing with the tough conversations.