When trusting your gut doesn’t cut it

Know who you’re hiring before they even step into your office for an interview.

Relying soley on past performance indicators such as academic results, professional references, or a pedigreed resume just isn’t enough to get a good read on someone before hiring them.

Instead, we recommend our clients to utilize advanced hiring tools from The Predictive Index, specifically designed to incorporate behavioural and cognitive insights to predict how future employees think and work with pinpoint accuracy so you can spend less time hiring and more time producing great results for your business.

3 Steps in Recruitment

We’ll help you fine-tune your hiring process

step 1


Knowing who you are looking for

Start by defining job requirements. Use The Predictive Index® to set specific behavioural and cognitive job targets.

If you’re unsure where to begin, then you can tap into thousands of hiring data from managers around the world to get an industry benchmark for any role.

step 2


Save valuable time

With the PI® Behavioural Assessment taking only 6 minutes to completewe recommend including this as part of your job application processyou can cut down on the time it takes to screen candidates.

All applicants will then be assigned a Match Score ranging from 1 to 10. The best fit (match) for the role will float to the top of your list where you can easily identify them, making the perfect candidate much faster to find.

step 3


The right questions, every time

Avoid struggling to ask for the right questions and start bringing structure and accuracy to your interviews.

We’ll equip you with an Interview Guide that shows a candidate’s behavioural drives and needs relative to the targets you set prior.

Using the guide questions can be useful to probe gaps and even confirm them.

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