Tired of subpar teamwork?

Build an award-winning culture through management by encouraging all of your employees to take the quick 6-minute PI Behavioral Assessment™ for free. Unlock the power of your people as they proudly share their findings. Create easier conversations, better conflict resolution, and faster decisions.

With our help, we can empower your managers to create and high-performing teams while they adapt their management style to the unique needs and motivators of individuals.

We’ll help you give your managers the tools, insights and training to create better ways to manage themselves and others.

We help Improve Managers’ Capabilities

Unlock the power of your people

step 1

Building an Understanding

Laying a good foundation

Everyone is different and has different needs in the workplace; as a manager, you don’t often truly understand how you need to adapt your management style for the individuals in your team.

With the use of The Predictive Index® and our tailored workshops, we can gain valuable insights into each individual in your team such as finding the best ways to motivate and communicate with them.

step 2

Using the Right Tools

Enable better managers through knowledge and data

We’ll make sure you are able to leverage the Manager Development Chart from PI to aid in understanding your managers’:

  • Strengths
  • Caution areas
  • Areas for improvement

Then, our Management Strategy Guide is used to tailor-fit their management style to each of their direct reports’ behavioral drives to build stronger and more effective working relationships.


step 3

Creating High-Performing Teams

Using the Team Work Styles feature allows organisations to understand how each member communicates, makes decisions, and executes their work.

Discover emerging patterns in the makeup of teams to optimize communication and execute for performance.


workshops & training offered

Managing People to Perform

Identify what drives and motivates workplace behaviours and
how to manage your relationships across the organisation