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The last thing prospective employees want to see is another company culture video–generic, dry, and often littered with the same lines from CEOs on how their company is the one for you. Sadly, most companies skip to ask themselves most basic of question, “who are we?”

Red Wolf Productions builds a clear picture of your company through our Employee Value Proposition program. We take the time to listen to what makes your story unique and help you communicate these values to the people who truly matter and need to hear them the most.

professional storytellers

From storyboarding to frame rates, to focal lengths, our team is prepared for the entire end-to-end process of capturing the essence of your company culture.

Prior to filming, we make sure to interview key members of the organisation to ensure vital points and messages are carefully crafted and communicated with intention and consistency.

Meanwhile, our production team prepares all the technical aspects of filmmaking using only the latest tech across cameras, audio, and lighting equipment including drone captures for any outdoor shots.

Ultra-high-definition 4k video cameras

Professional-grade audio and lighting

Drone video equipment for outdoor scenes

delivering authenticity

With a creative team intent on helping you stand out from the competition, we aim to produce videos that attract the right candidates into your business.

Unwilling to fall into the same old tired narratives of company spiels and corporate culture jargon, our drive to create compelling and authentic videos that capture the real essence of your business will give future employees a glimpse of what to expect from working inside your organisation.

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Jonathan Lykos

Director of Photography

Alicia Lykos

Executive Producer

Carl Dalit

Video Editor & Post-Prod Specialist

Miguel Gebana

Digital Marketing Specialist

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