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Harness the Power of The Predictive Index®

Ignite, inspire, and nurture extraordinary leaders at all levels so they can lead with confidence.

Lead with Confidence

We believe that to be future-fit, everyone in your business needs to be trained in four distinct areas: how to manage, lead, coach, and mentor. So, while most other employee management consultancies only deal with one element of your people strategy, we’ll see you all the way from strategy to ensuring you and your team can lead with confidence. And our offering is founded on the most powerful psychometric assessment tool for predicting workplace behaviours – The Predictive Index. It’s like our secret sauce, only way more powerful.

Think of us as your talent optimisation partner. It’s a fancy way of saying we’ll help your people be better so you can do better. But don’t expect one size fits all. With bespoke programs, we offer custom solutions with your strategic business outcomes in mind, designed to get results.

So, let us help you leverage science, education, and powerful tools to hire the right people, inspire them to be their best, design a high-performing workplace and diagnose areas that need improvement. And watch your world change.


Engage the right people for the right roles

Discovering the right people for the right roles can be challenging. Successful leaders learn what behaviours are needed for each specific role. We’re here to make that easy, using best-practice recruitment methodologies that puts science at the forefront of every hiring process. Just choose whether you need us to run a recruitment campaign, or whether your leaders would benefit from developing this critical skill so they can hire effectively long term.

Your Challenges:

  • You want to hire the right people for the right roles but don’t know where to start

  • You just rely on our gut when you hire people

  • You keep losing your preferred candidates to the competition

  • You want to hire top talent, but you don’t know how to make an informed decision through the recruitment process – you just wing it

Our Solutions:

  • Learn how to find the right people for the roles
  • Develop an understanding of the data insights to recruit top talent
  • Discover the best methods for creating high performing teams based on job
  • Alignment and workplace behaviours
  • Explore how to predict team behaviour and performance

Our Services:

  • Sourcing candidates
  • Job and interview guide design
  • Team workshops
  • One-on-one coaching


Inspire leaders and create high performing teams

Leaders can be found at every level across an organisation, whether they’re already in leadership roles or they’re leaders in the making. Knowing how to inspire others to be better leaders or become leaders helps you to drive consistent high performance and improves retention through career opportunities and succession planning. We’ve created a program of offerings designed to help you empower your leaders, by igniting in them a sense of passion, accountability and ownership, while inspiring them to be better equipped to lead.

Your Challenges:

  • You want to be able to predict future performance.
  • A manager of a team is technically brilliant but doesn’t manage staff well
  • Staff turnover is beginning to be a real problem but you’re not sure why
  • You want to understand your team better
  • You have poor performers

Our Solutions:

  • Find out how to decode workplace behaviours and better understand people and teams
  • Learn how to inspire high performance
  • Develop leadership capability
  • Create better cohesion, accountability and ownership
  • Understand the power of succession planning

Our Services:

  • Leadership lab
  • Team workshops
  • Additional training


Lead the transformation that needs to happen

Empower your team with meaningful direction and take your business and people to new places. Discover how to focus on your business goals and design a workplace environment to support them.

Your Challenges:

  • You have gaps in your business strategy
  • Your business goals aren’t strategically aligned
  • Your executives are out of sync
  • Your employees are disengaged

Our Solutions:

  • Learn how to align your people strategy to your business vision
  • Understand the importance of top-down leadership
  • Develop techniques to get the best out of your people at all levels

Our Services:

  • Engagement survey
  • Team discovery
  • Deeper programs in-house


Keep your people engaged, passionate and accountable

Keep your people front of mind and consistently listen and act on employee feedback. We offer guided action planning sessions to help you understand and deliver against the unique needs of your teams. We’ll also help you isolate the cause of low engagement so you can take action to resolve it, meaning you never have to feel lost again.

Your Challenges:

  • Your employees aren’t happy
  • The workplace culture is toxic and threatening productivity
  • You have a high turnover

Our Solutions:

  • Draw out critical data from your staff to better performance and culture
  • Take action and be accountable for positive change

Our Services:

  • Engagement survey
  • Team discovery
  • Deeper programs in-house

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Powered by The Predictive Index®

The Predictive Index® (PI) is a highly powerful psychometrics tool that provides insights, analytics and information about human behaviour.

Applicable at every stage of the workplace lifecycle, it’s highly effective when hiring staff, inspiring leaders, creating high performing teams, aligning teams against the vision and strategy, and measuring employee engagement and subsequently creating engagement action plans.

With powerful insights, a range of reports, advanced functionality, easy useability and a global following, we’ve created our suite of offerings on this platform because there’s no better tool to use to help you unlock human potential.

Available assessments include a Behavioural Assessment, Cognitive Assessment, Job Assessment, Team Discovery, Strategy Alignment and Engagement Survey, as well as many coaching guides, management guides, interview guides and more.