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Discover how Red Wolf Group uses innovative methodologies and tools, such as the predictive index, to assist businesses in hiring, developing, and sustaining their teams. Alicia also discusses emerging practices that will impact the success of startups, including the skill shortage crisis and the integration of AI and technology.

how to build a personal brand within your workspace

Smarter Marketer Podcast

As a marketer it is important to consider how (and why) you should have a strategy to promote yourself within your organisation. Leading Australian HR and talent optimiser Alicia Lykos shares applicable strategies to position yourself as a highly valuable member of your workplace.

Hiring great marketers

Smarter Marketer Podcast

Struggling to hire and keep talented marketers in Australia? Recruitment expert Alicia Lykos reveals where you should advertise open positions, how to be recruitment ready, and why a graduate program could be the best thing for your business!

CRIISP Media Podcast

Sidney and Sam are joined by Alicia Lykos, founder of Red Wolf Group to discuss the use of the Predictive Index (a combination of data and psychology) for recruiting the best candidates and building a high performing team.

Peter Ryan

Join me as I discuss the importance of self-awareness, and dig into communication and behavioural preferences with Alicia Lykos from Red Wolf Group

Wholesale Investor

In these unique times, Founders are learning very quickly that leading teams who are working remotely presents a unique set of challenges. In this session with talent expert Alicia Lykos we explore the fundamental habits that Founders can implement to create engagement and performance. We also discuss the more sensitive task of letting team members go.


Alicia Lykos is the founder and CEO of Red Wolf Group, a maverick in the industry, challenging the traditional approach to HR and people strategy. With her natural ability to combine science and data with a deep understanding of human behaviours, she’s passionate about empowering workplaces to inspire, ignite and nurture leaders at all levels and create high-performing teams using science. Alicia is a trusted adviser to many CEOs around the country. Prior to starting her own business, she was the HR Director for multiple software companies and remains deeply connected to the IT and professional services industry. In 2019, The Predictive Index recognised Alicia as one of the fastest growing Talent Optimisation practitioners in the world.

Predictive Index

Predictive Index talks to top consultants in the field about how changes in the talent landscape is guiding their approach with clients.