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Leverage HR analytics and people analytics in The Predictive Index to hire the right people, inspire them to be their best, and design a high-performing workforce.

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The Predictive Index is the essential talent optimisation platform.

Everything in your business is powered by people, and when people aren’t performing, your business is at risk.

Leverage the power of your people with the only truly personalised, science-backed platform that enhances your entire employee experience. Make data-driven decisions and confidently hire top performers, develop effective managers and leaders, and retain your people.

With 5 bespoke units, the Predictive Index offers custom solutions with your strategic business outcomes in mind, designed to get business results.

Join over 10,000+ businesses who trust the Predictive index – the only personalised data-driven HR platform.

With The Predictive Index (PI) build a high performance culture

Avoid costly hiring errors and save time by using the most reliable indicators of job performance to assess candidates

In any role, the right hire can transform your business, and the wrong hire can be costly and set your team back months.

PI Hire empowers and upskills anyone in your organisation to hire the right person for every role by assessing candidates with validated behavioural and cognitive assessments – the top two people analytics predictors of on-the-job success.

With PI Hire and leveraging HR analytics, you can confidently make data-driven decisions in your recruitment process and know who is the perfect hire for any role.

Indicators of Job Performance Predictive Index

Give managers the tools and people analytics they need to lead their teams and drive performance every day

Most leaders are stretched thin from wearing multiple hats during the day, and lot of managers haven’t been taught the skills to confidently manage and lead their teams, leading to disengagement, turnover and underperformance. In the Predictive Index 2023 report, 79% of managers say they are at risk of burnout from the stress of managing people.

PI Perform is designed to transform managers into effective leaders by giving them the tools and people analytics to drive performance in their every day work.

It enables every manager in your company to understand their direct reports, set motivating goals, run efficient meetings, provide meaningful feedback, and hold people accountable, so your company gets more done while keeping engagement high.

Understand what drives your people using science-backed behavioural data

Leaders can be found at every level across an organisation, but even when everyone excels in their role, conflicts arise, personalities clash, miscommunications occur and time is wasted when issues are escalated.

PI Inspire is the key to deeply understanding each individual in your workforce and their strengths, communication styles, and caution areas.

By understanding what drives people and using science-backed people analytics, your managers and team can better communicate with each other, build trust, and resolve conflict without the need for escalation.

Design high performing teams that deliver with increased awareness and trust

Business strategy is carried out by teams of people. No matter the task or project, or the seniority of the members, the reality is that most teams are not aware of their individual and each others strengths and how to excel as a team together.

PI Design takes the guesswork out of team dynamics. It gives you the people analytics to enable you to leverage your team’s strengths.

Confidently assign work to who is going to execute it best and easily achieve alignment on strategic goals, enabling your team to reach their full potential and deliver projects and work effectively and successfully.

Stop turnover in its tracks with science-backed employee engagement surveys

Turnover is a silent killer for businesses because it’s hard to prevent, hurts morale, and puts a strain on everyone who remains. The best way to prevent turnover is by stopping disengagement before it becomes attrition, but in order to do that you need to understand why your employee engagement is suffering.

PI Diagnose enables you to collect continuous, anonymous employee feedback so your leaders know exactly what’s causing disengagement and how to address it with confidence.

Arm leaders with the data they need to understand what’s working, and not working, and tangible actions and strategies to take to keep your workforce engaged and productive.


The Predictive Index takes the guesswork out of your people strategy. It is the only truly personalised talent management system with built-in people analytics for hiring, developing, and retaining top talent organisation-wide.

Join over 10,000+ teams leveraging Predictive Index worldwide if you are wanting to:

  • Build a best-in class culture that retains, engages and develops talent that drives business results.
  • Hire with confidence, reduce turnover, and save time and money in the recruitment process.
  • Understand your workforce and know what actions to take to improve overall culture, employee performance and employee engagement.
  • Be in control of your people strategy.

The Predictive Index Behavioural Assessment

The Predictive Index starts with an assessment and it ends with a productive, engaged and high-performing workplace. From potential recruits to your colleagues and teammates, the Predictive Index Behavioural Assessment unlocks a wealth of people analytics to help you realise human potential.

Employee behaviour is a reflection of the unique ways individual people contribute to the team and organisation. The Behavioural Assessment measures how an individual will approach risk, communicate, influence stakeholders, their pace of work, drive outcomes and manage a team or project

By understanding how these behaviours manifest in day-to-day work across your organisation, you can begin to improve your teams performance as a whole.

As well as the Behavioural Assessment, The Predictive Index unlocks a Cognitive Assessment, Job Assessment, Team Discovery, Strategy Alignment and Engagement Survey, as well as many coaching guides, management guides, interview guides and more. With powerful insights, a range of reports, advanced functionality, easy usability and a global following, there’s no better tool to use to help you unlock human potential.

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Results achieved with The Predictive Index


reduction in annual hiring cost for MotionStrand


increase in sales team performance for DocuSign

saved in recruiting and onboarding costs for Master Electronics

What users say about The Predictive Index

“Red Wolf Group has supported our business in establishing a solid talent base by exploring the behavioural qualities of a candidate and identifying where they will fit in best. Our HR initiatives have been shaped using the various tools within the Predictive Index, turning our managers into leaders. Investing in this area of the business has helped us transform our culture and improve our relationships with our people.”


“Organisations looking to grow in any way, and looking to retain [their staff] should be using a tool like PI. I’d recommend the PI to any organisation to embrace it, and embrace it from the top down. Don’t just use it to hire but use it for life and your entire employee experience.”


“Finding the right person to join our family has always been important to us. Red Wolf Group has enabled us to understand the key behaviours and drivers of our employees, increase engagement across the organisation and strengthen our approach to managing staff. With PI we are equipped to make better informed decisions on our HR strategies, linking to our goal of always striving to be better.”


Join 10,000 teams worldwide leveraging people analytics and The Predictive Index