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Meet Our Wolf Pack

Experts in Leadership and Talent Consulting

Like any pack, our Wolf Pack is made up of a variety of people, personalities, and styles. It’s what makes us stronger. We share a dedication to leadership and talent consulting. And each of us brings our own flavour, skills, life experience and expertise. We all have a voice, and we make sure that each of us is heard. We are empowered to empower you.

Alicia Lykos


The leader of our pack, Alicia is a maverick in the industry, challenging the traditional approach to people strategy. With her natural ability to combine science and data with a deep understanding of human behaviours, she’s passionate about empowering workplaces to inspire, ignite and nurture leaders at all levels and create high performing teams using science.

Since starting Red Wolf Group, Alicia has constantly found herself as a trusted adviser to many CEOs around the country. Prior to starting her own business, she was the HR Director for multiple software companies and remains deeply connected to the IT and professional services industry.

In 2019, The Predictive Index recognised Alicia as one of the fastest growing Talent Optimisation practitioners in the world.

Alicia’s Behavioural Profile

Sarah-Louise Herring

Trainer & coach


With a passion and curiosity for human behaviour, learning, and potential, Sarah has dedicated her career to discovering and applying a human-centred approach to traditional human resource practices. Spanning over 18 years of industry experience, Sarah holds a Bachelor’s degree in Organisational Leadership and postgraduate qualifications in Human Resource Management, Applied Positive Psychology, and Counselling and Psychotherapy (currently under completion).


Shannon Paterson

People & Purpose Strategic Consultant


Shannon believes in empowering people to lead and contribute to their fullest potential. With a passion for both people and business, Shannon is best known for how you can rethink the way you create high performance teams.

She thrives on the opportunity to challenge the status-quo and helping clients navigate the complexities of the continuously evolving business landscape, by giving them tools and strategies to transform their teams. Her strength lies in partnering with Red Wolf’s clients to identify what’s at the heart of their dilemmas and offers a comprehensive human-centric solution to optimise the performance of its people and teams.

Spanning over 10 years of consulting experience, Shannon holds a Bachelor of Business degree in HR Management and several coaching qualifications (Gallup Strengths-finder & AC Leader as a Coach).


Aiman Gouda

Head of Client Relationships


Aiman is a skilled and experienced data-driven senior sales professional who has extensive experience across solution-based selling from tier 1 to tier 3 organisations. Aiman has also gained extensive digital marketing experience which has allowed him to be able to demonstrate a complete understanding of what the customer needs are by utilising data and analytics.

With over 20 years of career experience, Aiman has worked with some of the largest organisations and associations across Australia; he has a passion for empowering organisations and the people within them, inspiring them to succeed. When it comes to success, he believes, ‘Success isn’t just about what you accomplish in your life, it’s about what you inspire other to do.’

His interpersonal skills are highly developed with a proven ability to build long lasting professional relationships. Aiman also has a flair for problem-solving and a demonstrated capacity to provide value-based solutions by using data-driven methods to align strategies for many different business objectives. He adds, ‘Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.’


Alexia Nichols

Associate Consultant


Working closely with our clients and Customer Success team, Alexia ensures we’ are delivering exceptional service and people-focused solutions that empower your teams.

Whether she’s digging into data analysis or innovating new ways of creating content, her mission is to help clients uncover what makes them unique and understand how they can drive performance forward.

Alexia loves working with clients to draw’s passions lie in client interaction and developing strong foundations upon which she can draw insights and guide a lasting change within your business. Offering continuous support and purposeful strategies, she wi’ll enable you to ‘Lead with Confidence’.


Nataliia Tsybulska

Team Coordinator


Nataliia is our glue that holds everything together and keeps us on track on our growth strategy. She’ is driven to deliver exceptional, high quality outcomes that  can delight everyone in our team and within our customers. 

Nataliia’s entire professional life across 3 different countries has been dedicated to internal and external stakeholder engagement, communications, event-management and building long-term relationships on different levels.

As our Team Coordinator & EA to CEO, she is a real problem-solver and goal-oriented person in Red Wolf Group who is passionate about ensuring our workshops are running smoothly and making our CEO’s professional life as easy as possible.

Natalia understands that people are the most challenging and unpredictable aspect of any business and knows how important it is to build strong, trusting relationships, as well as how much effort it takes. She’e is here to design a conversation with you in the most efficient way, that’s  and customised to your needs.


Our Consultants

We use a network of experts in leadership and talent consulting from around the country to help us deliver more for your business.

Geoff Snowden

Talent Optimiser & HR Consultant


Geoff works with small-to-medium sized businesses with high growth potential to advance performance, align business capability, and drive profitability through people. And you’ll soon see it’s not just his job, it’s his passion.

With a long career in Human Resources and a focus on people development, working in a corporate setting sparked a keen interest in behavioural management.

As the founder and principal of People Motion. His recent work focuses mainly on developing leaders, building teams, and growing individuals by unlocking their strengths with more than 5 years of PI experience under his belt.


Dawn Russell



Dawn is a people optimiser through and through; her focus rests on helping organisations design and build productive talent pools while creating an engaging workplace culture that competitors fail to replicate.

Founder of The Heartware Group, Dawn’s an expert in shaping a culture of engagement. She’s also a polished speaker, an innovative trainer and expert facilitator. Dawn has a proven track record of hands-on sales management and leadership experience, having spent more than 15 years as an executive with Singapore Airlines—one of the world’s most recognised brands.


Sam Norton

Executive Coach & Leadership Consultant


Sam has a unique set of skills that translate into an inspiring authentic delivery style and tangible strategies to accelerate results. He has been engaged by various organisations over the past 18 years in keynote speeches. Sam has given more than 600 presentations to audiences up to 1000 people in Australia and Internationally on Human Behaviour Science, Leadership Development, Strategic Direction, High Performing Teams, Culture Transformation, Emotional Intelligence, Performance Mastery, Coaching Teams and Human Analytics.

He has spent a lifetime working with world leaders in human behaviour science to understand and take this complex field and simplify these concepts into tangible learning outcomes that accelerate practical application into the workplace to deliver purposeful leadership that transfers into organisational results.

Sam’s has extensive experience in designing custom leadership solutions for Boards, C-suite and Senior Executives, High Potentials, Mid-level and first time managers. Some of the industries Sam has worked with are manufacturing, technology, aeronautical, insurance, medical, construction, engineering, retail and finance. Each leadership program is carefully designed to embed lasting knowledge, behaviour change, team cohesion and an acceleration of business outcomes and results.


Miguel Gebaña

Manila, Philppines


Carl Dalit

Manila, Philppines


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