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We are Red Wolf Group

How to find the best talent? Start by looking within

Most leaders and managers aren’t taught the skills to translate behavioural science and people data into actionable strategies. We’re here to change that.

About Our Pack

We’re often asked how to find the best talent. But it’s the wrong question. Because the best talent isn’t found, it’s made.

If you want your business to succeed, you need to understand your people and empower them to be their best. Because empowered people are driven people. And driven people move your business forward.

We help you leverage science and data to bring out the best in your people and see results. When your people are at their best, complex challenges are easier to solve, the disengaged are renewed with purpose, poor collaboration becomes productive and breakdowns become breakthroughs.

So, if you’d like to transform your organisation to a place where everyone feels seen, heard and understood, where managers lead from the front, where teams feel inspired and nurtured and where individuals come to work because they love the work, you’ve come to the right place. Stop looking for how to find the best talent. Start looking for us. We’ll help you lead your pack.

And why the name Red Wolf?

Lykos, the surname of our CEO and Founder Alicia Lykos, means wolf in Greek. And there’s a lot to be learned from wolves. Wolf packs care for each other as individuals, they form friendships, nurture their own, communicate, collaborate and share knowledge across generations. And just like a business, a wolf pack has a leader who shows clarity, gives direction and provides the pack with the right tools and guidance.

We Believe in You


When we show up with empathy, we relate to others deeply and therefore get the best for and from them.


Everyone has the right to be their own person as all people are equal in value, just differing in strengths and uniqueness.


Being emotionally and mentally connected to people evokes self-knowledge.

Our Clients

We’ve helped many businesses across a wide range of industries understand how to find good talent and inspire them to be their best. We work best when we partner with our clients, developing an ongoing relationship built on a holistic approach to talent optimisation across their organisation. Interested in starting a partnership? Based on our experience, we’ve prepared this quick checklist to see how we can help you.

In their Words

“PI has allowed us to make better, more informed hiring decisions. It has helped us understand the keys behaviours and drivers of our employees to better manage them which has improved employee and manager relationships. It allows us to make better informed decision about internal transfers and promotions of our existing staff. It has helped increase productivity and engagement both within individual teams and across the business.”

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Meet the Wolf Pack