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Bedshed harnesses behavioural analytics to attract top talent

by | May 6, 2024 | Case Studies

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The Challenge:

Bedshed, one of Australia’s premier mattress, bedding, and bedroom furniture retailers, boasts a legacy spanning over 40 years. Central to their success story is not just the quality of their products but also the calibre of their people. What sets Bedshed apart is its unwavering commitment to listening to and understanding the needs of its customers through its knowledgeable and attentive staff. 

Despite their dedication to excellence, Bedshed faced significant challenges in recruitment. Attracting quality candidates through traditional job advertisements proved to be challenging with inconsistencies in branding and job advertisements further complicating matters in a fiercely competitive labour market. These shortcomings hindered Bedshed’s ability to attract the right staff for the right role.

The Solution:

Together with Bedshed, we designed an Employee Value Proposition that communicates the company’s dedication to its employees 

In response to these challenges, Bedshed embarked on a transformative journey with Red Wolf Group to improve their recruitment and employee engagement strategies. Demonstrating their commitment to valuing both customers and staff equally, Bedshed adopted a people-centric approach to shaping their Employee Value Proposition (EVP).

Drawing on the perspectives of their diverse workforce, we conducted focus groups involving employees from various roles across different stores. Through an immersive three-hour workshop, these individuals offered invaluable insights into the employee journey, leading to the co-creation of a powerful EVP tagline: “It’s not just our customers we value and listen to.”

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‘To maximise the impact of their EVP, Red Wolf Group produced engaging videos showcasing staff members in the day-to-day roles that are pivotal to Bedshed’s success as a business. These videos showcased the vibrant culture and rewarding opportunities that define the Bedshed employee experience.

Using Predictive Index (PI), we profiled the ‘Million Dollar Club’ of high performers so Bedshed could take a data-driven approach to its recruitment process

Integral to Bedshed’s store operations are key roles such as Store Managers and Sales Assistants. Recruiting for these positions is especially crucial as these individuals directly serve Bedshed’s customers. When recruitment for these roles falls short, it can pose a significant risk of revenue loss, potentially leading to missed sales opportunities and setbacks. 

To mitigate these recruitment challenges, we utilised the Predictive Index to identify high performers in these critical roles. These individuals, recognised as members of the ‘Million Dollar Club’, can generate over $1 million in annual sales for Bedshed. 

Our analysis uncovered that members of the Million Dollar Club demonstrate similar behavioural characteristics aligning closely with a specific PI profile. This is characterised by strong supportiveness, attentive listening skills, and a desire to foster a connection with others. 

Leveraging these insights, we tailored the language in job advertisements to appeal to these ideal candidates, thereby attracting individuals who resonate with the role and are likely to thrive at Bedshed. Applicants underwent the PI Behavioural Assessment upon application and leveraging the PI Hire module, Bedshed effectively shortlisted and qualified the most suitable candidates for the role. This approach minimised uncertainties and improved the recruitment process and has resulted in an increase of employees in the ‘million dollar club’ having a direct impact on the bottom line. 

The Impact:

Bedshed now boasts a robust, data-driven recruitment strategy complimented by an EVP that resonates strongly with its people

Bedshed’s adoption of a people-centric approach, combined with the utilisation of PI, was instrumental in establishing a robust recruitment process. Data-driven insights enabled Bedshed to successfully attract and hire calibre candidates across key roles, notably managerial positions, while simultaneously reducing hiring costs. 

The positive feedback from candidates further confirms the significant impact of the informative videos and employee messaging during the recruitment process, highlighting the power of Bedshed’s approach.

Building on the momentum of the recruitment efforts, Bedshed allocated additional resources to enhance the employee induction process. This initiative involved refining onboarding procedures, updating position descriptions, and providing comprehensive training to facilitate seamless integration into the Bedshed team. Together, these measures contributed to enhancing the overall employee experience.

Bedshed’s commitment to prioritising the employee experience serves as the benchmark for excellence. By valuing and investing in its people, Bedshed not only cultivates a thriving internal culture but also spreads a ripple effect of positivity that enhances every customer interaction. 


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