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Science-based talent optimisation, training and leadership consulting
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You know your people are your most valuable asset. Don’t risk leaving their performance to chance. We’ll help you use the latest data-driven approach to hiring, developing and sustaining your team – so you can bring out their best and power your business forward.

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When CEOs think of the key factors that drive business performance, they miss one crucial driver of success, and that is their leaders. At Red Wolf Academy, we believe investing in your managers so they become leaders is the smartest move you can make.

Empower your Pack

The most useful skill you can have as a leader is understanding human behaviour.

But gut feel can only get you so far. As leaders in talent optimisation, training and leadership consulting, we’ll help you understand and empower your people – with science. Learn how to unlock your team’s potential, nurture their growth and build a high-performance workplace through a combination of behavioural science, education and practical tools.

It’s a Wolf Thing

We’re not like other leadership consulting firms. We don’t just do HR – we’re people experts. With over 20 years industry experience across HR, recruitment, strategic workforce planning, leadership development and training, our team know and understand people. But more than that, we understand business.
At Red Wolf Group, we’re your partners in people. We’re here to support you at every stage of the employee process, from hiring and managing to training and performance. So you can spend less time on people-related problems and more time on people-powered results.

We start at a strategic level, helping you hire the right person for the right role and making sure everyone understands how to manage their teams. We then educate them using our Four Pillars framework, where everyone is taught to lead, mentor, coach, and manage — at all levels.

And it’s all backed by science, informed by The Predictive Index® – the most advanced behavioural assessment software in the world.

The outcome? Everyone in your organisation is leading with confidence and employees thrive. Your pack is truly empowered. And that’s a game-changer for your business.

People Data

Access a powerful psychometric tool for predicting workplace behaviours. Use the tool to run behavioural assessments, cognitive assessments, job profiles, strategy assessments and employee experience surveys.

Knowledge Transfer

We’ll empower you to embed the tools and apply the knowledge to create data-driven insights to predict performance so you can optimise talent, create high-performing teams and have your people feel understood and appreciated.


Our leadership development programs focus on the most important aspects of the workplace lifecycle. Our customisable programs will give you choice and flexibility, while delivering ongoing benefits to your organisation.

Satisfied Clients

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Certified PI Practitioners

The best decision I made was to bring you into our company, to work with me and my team. The changed we have seen are invaluable.

Steve Torso
CEO, Wholesale Investor

Powerful Connections
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We’re strong believers in leadership and how it has the power to shape our world. At Red Wolf Group, we’re constantly on the lookout for those who are a cut above the rest; we believe that those influencers have stories that need to be heard. These are the stories that push us to go further, strive harder, and inspire us to be better leaders, employers, team members, parents, partners, and better humans to society.

What Our Clients Say

Jodie Hawkes (Boweng)

“Red Wolf are extremely professional yet friendly. We are so fortunate to have the opportunity to work with them. The team are very helpful and always available for support. Red Wolf and the PI Behavioural Index has me totally hooked… The more I do, the more I trust in the science.”

Mohammed Abu-Naser (Soprano)

“Red Wolf Group has supported our business in establishing a solid talent base by exploring the behavioural qualities of a candidate and identifying where they will fit in best. Our HR initiatives have been shaped using the various tools within the Predictive Index system, turning our managers into leaders. Investing in this area of the business has helped us transform our culture and improve our relationships with our people.”

Lee Jones (Globus)

“Finding the right person to join our family has always been important to us. Red Wolf Group has enabled us to understand the key behaviours and drivers of our employees, increase engagement across the organisation and strengthen our approach to managing staff. We are equipped to make better informed decisions on our HR strategies, linking to our goal of always striving to be better.”