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Change the way you Hire, Inspire, Design and Diagnose with The Predictive Index and Red Wolf Group

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As a Predictive Index in Australia, you can think of us as your talent optimisation partner. It’s a fancy way of saying we’ll help your people be better so you can do better. But don’t expect one size fits all. With bespoke programs, we offer custom solutions with your strategic business outcomes in mind, designed to get results.

So, let us help you leverage science, education, and powerful tools to hire the right people, inspire them to be their best, design a high-performing workplace and diagnose areas that need improvement. And watch your world change.

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what is the predictive index?

The Predictive Index® (PI) is a highly powerful psychometrics tool that provides insights, analytics and information about human behaviour.

Applicable at every stage of the workplace lifecycle, it’s highly effective when hiring staff, inspiring leaders, creating high performing teams, aligning teams against the vision and strategy, and measuring employee engagement and subsequently creating engagement action plans.


Discovering the right people for the right roles can be challenging. Successful leaders learn what behaviours are needed for each specific role. We’re here to make that easy, using best-practice recruitment methodologies that puts science at the forefront of every hiring process.


Leaders can be found at every level across an organisation. Knowing how to inspire others to be better leaders or become leaders helps you to drive consistent high performance and improves retention through career opportunities and succession planning.


Empower your team with meaningful direction and take your business and people to new places. Discover how to focus on your business goals and design a workplace environment to support them.


Keep your people front of mind and consistently listen and act on employee feedback. We offer guided action planning sessions to help you understand and deliver against the unique needs of your teams.

With powerful insights, a range of reports, advanced functionality, easy useability and a global following, we’ve created our suite of offerings on this platform because there’s no better tool to use to help you unlock human potential.

Available assessments include a Behavioural Assessment, Cognitive Assessment, Job Assessment, Team Discovery, Strategy Alignment and Engagement Survey, as well as many coaching guides, management guides, interview guides and more.

Free predictive index behavioural assessment.
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the 17 Predictive Index reference profiles

Explore the 17 “Reference Profiles” that create a behavioural map for different types of people. You can think of these as easy-to-reference groupings of the characteristics of people who have similar drives.

The Predictive Index analytical profiles

The Reference Profiles in the Analytical group are more dominant than extraverted and work at a faster pace. They are generally more task oriented as opposed to people oriented.

The Predictive Index Persistent profiles

In the workplace, people with profiles in the Persistent group are generally task-oriented and deliberate, and thrive when they have control over their own work.

The Predictive Index social profiles

The Reference Profiles in the Social group are highly extraverted compared to other behavioral drives. In the workplace, people in this group tend to focus on relationships.

The Predictive Index stabilising profiles

The Reference Profiles in the Stabilising group are generally steady, detailed, and work well with structure and processes.