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Taking Control of People Data

Australian CFO Summit by WEEL

Alicia talks about the importance of adopting a data-driven approach to inform strategic decisions, making it easier to place the RIGHT people in the RIGHT roles.

People Behind the Pitch

Emergence 2022 | Wholesale Investor

How important is it to put the right people in the right roles? Hear Alicia Lykos talk about the importance of PI and learn how you can build a high-performing team.

The Do’s and Dont’s of Recruitment in 2022

Alicia Lykos

With an explosion of jobs on the market, companies are struggling to get applicants. Hiring is tougher than ever before and people are still recruiting like they did 20 years ago!

Alicia Lykos

With 65% percent of workers looking for new jobs and 88% of employers reporting higher turnover rates than usual, companies are preparing for the worst employee exodus they’ve seen in years.

Alicia Lykos

Alicia Lykos shares her insights into employee engagement, why it matters and the science behind designing, hiring and inspiring teams to deliver on your business strategy.