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Globus utilises The Predictive Index in onboarding and training so new employees thrive

by | Jun 24, 2024 | Case Studies

Globus The Predictive Index Onboarding Training Red Wolf Group

Globus provides first-class travel and more than 90 years of touring expertise and experience to budding holiday-makers and travellers. 

Since 2019, Globus has effectively harnessed the power of the Predictive Index (PI) to recruit team members, onboard and train team members, and strengthen connection and understanding among its workforce. 

Every individual learns differently because all our brains work differently and process information differently, and The Predictive Index analytics reveal an individual’s learning style. By utilising PI and this behavioural insight, Globus has been able to tailor onboarding and training programs to uniquely align with the learning needs of their employees. 

This has resulted in more effective onboarding and training sessions, with Globus employees beginning their employee journey feeling knowledgeable, confident, understood, and set up to thrive. 

Behavioural Analytics provides Globus with enhanced team understanding and communication

The implementation of the Predictive Index has led to a deeper understanding and connection among team members at Globus. 

As part of the recruitment process, all prospective Globus employees complete the Behavioural Assessment. This assessment helps ensure that new hires are well-suited for their roles by matching the role requirements with the individual’s behavioural traits so that Globus can hire effectively with confidence. 

Taking it to the next step in the employee journey, Globus has integrated behavioural insights into their onboarding and training processes to ensure new employees start their journey on the right foot. 

The onboarding process is a crucial step in the employee journey, as HBS Career Coach Matt Spielman’s research suggests, “An employee’s first 90 days will in large part determine their performance, longevity, and contribution to the company.”

Reviewing the profiles of those being onboarded in advance gives the trainers at Globus insight into the room’s dynamics, and provides the information needed to effectively onboard each employee. For example, if there are profiles in the room that are a mix of high extraversion and low extraversion (eg. Promoters and Artisans) the trainer knows to conversate with the Promoters to keep them interested and active, but not too much to avoid frustration by Artisans who will want to get into the content. High formality profiles, for example, need to know details, so with this insight the trainer knows to go into a lot more detail, providing additional information and resources, and knows to offer to loop back with these individuals offline. 

This knowledge and understanding of the behavioural profiles mean that Globus can onboard with empathy, and customise the onboarding experience to meet their new employee’s learning styles and ensure effective training and onboarding sessions. 

This personalised approach allows new starters to acclimate quickly, so they feel confident, knowledgeable, and supported from day one.

Globus has a positive and effective best-in-class onboarding and training program 

Globus has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from their onboarding and training sessions.

Employees have reported that they feel knowledgeable, well-understood and confident they can excel in their roles and appreciate the personalised nature of the onboarding and training.

By creating a unique learning environment for new starters and utilising the Predictive Index to its fullest potential, Globus ensures that employees are set up to thrive from the beginning of their journey. This strategic approach to people management not only enhances individual performance but also fosters a more connected and empathetic workplace culture. 

With a connected culture and team understanding, Globus boasts a stronger, more cohesive workforce that is well-equipped to achieve individual and organisational goals.