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The Power of the pack

Drive your pack forward with leadership and talent management backed by science

Have confidence delivering your business goals with the right people strategy.

Your People are Your Power

Many companies have a business strategy with a clear view on goals and outcomes. However, when it comes time to execute on the strategy, it all comes down to your people. As the biggest vehicle for delivering on your strategy, are you confident you have the right team in place and that your leaders know how to hire top talent and inspire high performance in their teams?

That’s why you need a leadership and talent management strategy. Because when you face bad hires, dysfunctional teams, bad behaviours, people lacking motivation, sales slumps and interdepartmental conflict, it means your business is not positioned to deliver.

That’s where we come in. We help companies gain the confidence they need to have the right people strategy in place to deliver on their business strategy. It’s not just about hoping you hire well or ticking the training box. We understand business and focus on your goals, while showing you how your people can maximise your output. We’ll help you outrun the competition, leading from the front.

We Think Big

All-Level Approach

We don’t believe the work we do should only be available to your executives, because every person in your organisation has something to contribute. So, we pay attention to everyone, at every level of your business, ensuring we’ve considered and catered to everyone’s needs.

And because we’re inspired by working with everyone in your business, they’ll all get their own Behavioural results – no person is left behind. It’s about equality, and it’s how we foster ‘leadership at all levels’.


Data nerd, data geek. Whatever you want to call us, we aren’t afraid to admit we love our data. You have data in every other area of your business. Marketing, sales, operations, finance. So why not about your people? 

Despite our objective, data-driven approach we have a deep understanding and empathy for humans. We mix science and empathy to show you how to optimise performance in your business through your most important asset – your people.

Focused on Education

‘Teach him how to fish, you feed him for his lifetime.’ Our focus is on how we equip you with all the skills and knowledge to build your confidence in leading your teams. It’s time to drop a line.

You’ll see all our programs are embedded with workshops, training and learning outcomes. We want to enable you and your managers to drive this forward into your business, now and into the future.

We don’t do status quo. We understand the bigger picture and give you the tools to help you get there.

We Dig Deep Into Detail

When it comes to building your business, don’t leave any stone unturned. Everyone has their role to play, so we take the deep dive that you need look at every aspect of your business and how it can work better.

Job / Individual

Do do you have the right roles in your business? Do you have the right people in those roles? Have you equipped them to deliver and be accountable?

We help you design all the roles in your business (using PI along with other frameworks) and develop success profiles to hold accountability across the business.


Are your managers equipped to hire, inspire and drive performance in their teams? Are they enabled through skill development in how to manage, coach, mentor and lead? We call it our 4 pillars framework and we leverage science and data to ensure  (our 4 pillars framework below)  – Our 4 pillars programs helps ensure your managers feel confident in all 4 pillars.


Are your teams aligned and do they understand each other strengths? Are they empowered to make decisions, take action and resolve problems? We run powerful team workshop to help teams understand each other and ultimately put them on a path to be a high- performing team.

Culture / Organisation

The highest performing organisation have a values- driven culture which that enables accountability and execution focuseddelivers results through collaboration and teamwork. We’ll help you optimise your culture to help you deliver on your strategy,. We usinge our Employee Experience survey to give you laszer- focused data on areas of your business you previously haven’t had visibility on. We can then focus target our efforts and investments in the right areas, rather than a sprinkle of activity. In other words, we’ll help you make change where you need it most. It’s a blueprint for success.

Speaking Engagement

Looking for a bit of guidance and motivation? In addition to our client work developing and implementing leadership and talent management strategies, our Founder and CEO Alicia Lykos is one of Australia’s most in-demand speakers as a leader in the field of talent optimisation. Forget the traditional HR presentations – Alicia champions a radical new approach to talent strategy by giving executives and managers accurate and powerful data.

Whether it’s hiring candidates who are behaviourally and cognitively aligned with their position to assessing a leadership team’s strategy, our speaking events focus mainly on driving people decisions empowering leaders at all levels to lead with confidence.

Lauded as one of the best speakers at TEC, Alicia facilitates and presents workshops all over Australia and internationally, either in person or virtually.

Keynote Themes:

  • The Science Behind Good Management
  • Make Your Next Hire Your Best One Yet
  • Navigating The ‘Great Resignation’
  • 7 Powerful Questions To Unlock Performance