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Wholesale Investor uses The Predictive Index to drive strategic growth

by | Jul 11, 2024 | Case Studies

Wholesale Investor Logo Red Wolf Predictive Index Case Study

Wholesale Investor developed a leading SaaS platform, CapitalHQ, for high-net-worth investors and sophisticated investment opportunities connecting investors with various ventures. As Wholesale Investors expanded, it experienced obstacles in hiring high-performing talent and ensuring they had the right people in place to execute strategic objectives, as often is the case for organisations in a phase of growth. 

At the time, Wholesale Investor’s hiring process was in disarray. There was an observed lack of belief in the importance of HR and talent strategy that led to inefficiencies and misalignments, impacting overall business performance.

Wholesale Investor turned to Predictive Index (PI) to overhaul their recruitment process and hire with confidence

The Predictive Index (PI) provides data-backed insights to ensure you hire the right people in the right roles aligned with the company’s strategic goals through a Behavioural Assessment and a Cognitive Assessment.

These two, when used in tandem with a structured interview process, creates up to 58% of predictability of a candidates on the job performance. 

For Wholesale Investor, finding the right person with the right attitude and behaviours was paramount, and the roles they were looking to fill required a very high cognitive score and aligned to certain Predictive Index profiles. 

Over a course of 12 months Red Wolf Group supported in the recruitment of 20 roles. One of those roles was for a Business Development Manager. The candidate that was hired into the role had no prior experience in sales, but had the high cognitive ability required as well as a match to the Predictive Index behavioural profile. 

Even without sales experience, because the candidate had the right behavioural drivers as well as the ability to learn quickly, they became the highest performing sales person within just 12 months proving that Behavioural Drivers and Cognitive Ability shouldn’t be overlooked against a persons skillset or past experience. 

Leveraging PI’s behavioural assessments, Wholesale Investor could also benchmark potential candidates profiles against existing high performers profiles within the team, which ensured candidates were a good fit from the outset, avoiding trial-and-error hiring.

With the Predictive Index (PI), Wholesale Investor could move people into roles that would improve their employee experience and team performance

Through the Predictive Index ‘Team Dynamics’ capability, Wholesale Investor could map the natural strengths of each team member on the dynamics wheel to reveal where there were gaps or misalignments to their strategy. The dynamics wheel represents four quadrants: 

  • Teamwork & Employee/Customer Experience
  • Innovation & Agility
  • Process & Precision
  • Results & Discipline

For the Customer Success team, who were responsible for onboarding new clients and ensuring their success in the platform, we recruited people in the Teamwork & Customer Experience quadrant (eg. Promoters, Collaborators, Altriusts) who would go on to achieve huge strides in improving customer experience. 

The dynamics wheel was also used in succession planning as the team grew. For example, two people were moved from New Business Development into Account Management roles due to their lower dominance drive and core focus on service versus sales and both individuals flourished and thrived in their new roles because they were more closely aligned to their natural behavioural drivers. 

Another example of the team dynamics wheel in action is how Wholesale Investor leverage the natural ability of one team member who was a Captain profile. Captain profiles typically naturally take the lead, innovate, and generate new ideas so this person was moved into several roles around the business to support teams to innovate and pivot during times of change (eg. during COVID). 

Understanding team dynamics helped the leadership team see how they fit relative to each other, ensuring the right mix for executing the strategic plan and empowering individuals to lean into their natural leadership and management capabilities in roles that are right for them. 

Wholesale Investor has improved its hiring process, customer and employee experience, and ultimately business performance

By trusting the Predictive Index science and embracing data-driven insights in its hiring process Wholesale Investor could avoid poor fits and misaligned roles. 

Predictive Index became a common language amongst the organisation as a way to work effectively as a team and leverage unique the strengths of them all. 

The executive team recognise the value of HR and Talent Strategy, and with awareness of team members’ strengths at the forefront, Wholesale Investor can leverage their natural capabilities more effectively leading to higher output in sales performance and customer and employee experience, driving forward business success.