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Simplus designs high-performing teams and improves employee experience with The Predictive Index

by | Jun 27, 2024 | Case Studies

Simplus Logo Case Study Red Wolf Group Case Study

Sqware Peg (Now Simplus) was Australia’s first Salesforce partner and an established leader in digital transformation and advisory across the entire suite of Salesforce offerings. They have been transforming businesses with Salesforce technology since 2004.

Simplus designs high-performing teams in a consulting environment that are aligned to deliver on client’s objectives

Operating as a professional services consultant, Simplus and its employees face constantly changing team dynamics.

Simplus leveraged the Predictive Index with its sales executives and project managers to design high-performing teams that align with the client’s goals and project objectives. Those teams could then delegate effectively, and provide the best working opportunities within their teams to the individuals who would best deliver them, maximising individual and project outcomes.

The PI insights helped Simplus teams build awareness of each other’s working and communication styles, enhancing team cohesion from the start of each project. This enhanced understanding allowed teams to thrive in new and changing dynamics, setting them up for success from the get-go.

Simplus hires the right people, in the right roles

Simplus used the PI Hire module to ensure they hired individuals who not only fit the job requirements but also aligned with the company’s culture. By leveraging behavioural analytics, Simplus could internally grow and manage its people more effectively, resulting in a more fulfilled and productive workforce.

Simplus leveraged The Predictive Index to understand who they had in the business and how to grow them at a much deeper level

Simplus leveraged The Predictive Index to understand their employees’ strengths and areas for development. This understanding enabled individual employees to make informed decisions about their growth, boosting their confidence and encouraging them to push the boundaries of their growth and development in a way that aligned with their individual working style.

“Organisations looking to grow in any way, and looking to retain [their staff] should be using a tool like PI. I’d recommend the PI to any organisation to embrace it, and embrace it from the top down. Don’t just use it to hire but use it for life and your entire employee experience.”

Olga Rankin, Employee Experience Director, Simplus

Simplus increased people management skills and leadership capability through a Leadership Development Program

Simplus also invested in a Leadership Development Program with Red Wolf Group to enhance the management skills of their new leaders. This program, delivered over several months, combined theoretical learning with practical application, allowing new leaders to immediately apply and refine their skills within their teams. Topics included:

  • Leading through Values
  • Power of Feedback
  • Mindful Listening & Courageous Conversations
  • Coaching with Confidence.

The Impact

The Predictive Index was valued by all the employees using it, as they were able to achieve an understanding of each other right away. Leveraging the behavioural analytics insights that Predictive Index provides lead to an immensely more pleasurable working environment for teams and ultimately, an improved employee experience.

With the Predictive Index, Simplus could manage its teams with greater success, making the organisation more profitable environment in the long term.